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NH Potsdam

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 88
14467 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 8 conference rooms, 143 rooms, distance: 0,42 km to Potsdam city centre

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Steigenberger Hotel Sanssouci

Allee nach Sanssouci 1
14471 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 4 conference rooms, 133 rooms, distance: 0,50 km to Potsdam city centre

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Mercure Hotel Potsdam City

Lange Bruecke
14467 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 20 conference rooms, 210 rooms, distance: 0,80 km to Potsdam city centre

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Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam

Jägerallee 20
14469 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 13 conference rooms, 291 rooms, distance: 0,95 km to Potsdam city centre

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Zeppelinstrasse 136,
14471 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 5 conference rooms, 123 rooms, distance: 1,74 km to Potsdam city centre

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INSELHOTEL Potsdam-Hermannswerder

Hermannswerder 30
14473 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 16 conference rooms, 88 rooms, distance: 2,56 km to Potsdam city centre

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Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See

Am Luftschiffhafen 1
14471 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 40 conference rooms, 473 rooms, distance: 3,95 km to Potsdam city centre

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Seminaris SeeHotel Potsdam

An der Pirschheide 40
D-14471 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 32 conference rooms, 225 rooms, distance: 4,17 km to Potsdam city centre

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avendi Hotel am Griebnitzsee

Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 190-192
14482 Potsdam

4 star hotel, 5 conference rooms, 87 rooms, distance: 5,05 km to Potsdam city centre

Potsdam conference hotels

Potsdam is regarded as one of the most economically vibrant cities on earth today. With its business status, Potsdam is attracting a huge number of business tourists. However, it is always a challenge finding exotic Potsdam conference hotel facilities for business purposes. In light of this, modern Potsdam conference hotels have emerged.

Travelers and business executives around Potsdam area require that their Potsdam conference hotels should have a serene ambiance. Potsdam conference hotels come with state of the art facilities such as Wi-Fi internet connectivity, projector screens, multichannel sound system, projector screens, and pay Television channels among other modern technologies. Potsdam conference hotels have also prioritized security of its clients by installing automated security systems such as alarms systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and electric fences. With Potsdam conference hotel you are guaranteed the best services that perfectly blend with your day to day business needs.

When searching for Potsdam conference hotel it is advisable to begin by narrowing your search down to Potsdam conference hotels that are cost effective, professional with their service provision, and also able to accommodate critical business demands such as lunch, tea break, and dinner. Most Potsdam conference hotel also features world class dining facilities that comfortably accommodate hundreds of visitors. In addition, Potsdam conference hotels also provide numerous recreational facilities such as a Gymkhana that eliminate strict corporate settings by allowing combination of business and leisure. With Potsdam conference hotel customers stand to benefit from a hygienic hospitality settings that are spacious, multimedia savvy, and at the same time cost effective.

In addition, there are small private rooms that are suitable for little group discussions, there is a 24hr Potsdam conference hotel business center that caters for your day to day business needs such as generating business cards, letterheads, and photocopying among other services. Whether your visit is for team building, seminars, product launches, or having an industry specific exhibition, Potsdam conference hotels provides unrivaled hospitality experience. Potsdam conference hotel exquisite business environment coupled with the surrounding flora, visitors are naturally guaranteed peace of mind when conducting their businesses.

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